The Choice - 2019
A father and son are practicing some football plays before the big game coming up. The son is distant and distracted as he has a big decision to make. His father is best positioned to give advice, but it will require digging into some emotional memories and cause both of them to talk about an uncomfortable subject that they've never had to face head on before.
Come Home - 2016
Ty, a young man that feels he has committed an unforgivable act, is on the run and not sure where to turn for help. Can he outrun his pursuer?
The Gift - 2014
In a beautiful mansion, the inhabitants have everything they could ever want; food, wealth, and comfort. The catch is, iron shackles are fastened on their wrists, and they are not allowed to leave the mansion. One day packages arrive for each of them with a way out of the chains, but they must leave all the comforts they’ve grown accustomed to behind. What will they choose?
SUPPORT - 2013
 In an alternate world where the air has become toxic, humans must use S.U.P.P.O.R.T. packs to survive. One man has developed a cure, but to save the world, he must pay the ultimate sacrifice.
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